Customized Gametables

Receive customized gametables complete with your team colors

Table Specifications:

Hardwood Choices: Maple, Oak and Alder

(Custom stains and colors are available)
Each custom game table is trimmed in black and features black inserts. In addition, gametables feature adjustable leg sections for the convenience of all players.

Bowling & Shuffleboard Game Tables

Expect hours of family fun with bowling and shuffleboard game tables from Shufflebowl 300 in Jacksonville, Florida.

* With modifications such as the automatic ball return that brings your ball back to the ramp end of the table every time. * SB 300 also features Braille Indicators on the approach board. Along with the auto spotter (that allows you to set your pins perfectly every time), these two features make it possible for two players that are totally blind to not only play but to actually have an advantage over a sighted person. We also have programs for customers with varying disabilities.

* The gametables also feature adjustable footpads making it easy for anyone to level the tables. * Adjustable ramp makes it a level playing field for everyone.